Fresh off paying homage to the Queen of Soul in their most recent song “Aretha,”​​​​​​Dreamville’s EarthGang is now honoring the Queen of Neo-Soul with “Erykah.”

It opens with a monologue about their love for the legendary Erykah Badu: “The first time I heard an Erykah Badu song, I was probably like six, riding around with my uncle on 285 on the West Side... ‘On and On’ came on the radio, and I was like I ain’t ever heard or felt nothing like this before. It was my first introduction to like, what music could do for the body and spirit.”

In tandem with the release—which pulls inspiration from Badu’s “Window Seat”—EarthGang shared an accompanying music video, which documents the Atlanta duo as they unwind during a vacation in a tropical paradise.

The song arrives ahead of the release of EarthGang’s sophomore album, Ghetto Gods, which is due out later this year and serves as the official follow-up to their major label debut, 2019’s Mirrorland. Last September, EarthGang joined forces with J.I.D. to drop Spiligion, the fourth overall collaborative offering by their Spillage Village collective. 

This fall, EarthGang is set to perform at The Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival, a three-day festival that’ll be held in Las Vegas from Sept. 17-19.