Eric: CLB. Songs like “7am On Bridle Path” and “Champagne Poetry” have better rapping from Drake than anything we hear from Kanye on Donda. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, of course, given Kanye’s history of focusing so much of his time and effort on production.

Andre: CLB, easily. Kanye got off on a couple verses, but Drake had more great verses for me and a wider variety of technical approaches throughout CLB. He’s undoubtedly the better rapper at this point.

Jessica: CLBDonda showcases some of Kanye’s best performances as a rapper in years, but CLB features some of the better raps from Drake. On tracks like “7am on Bridle Path” and “No Friends in the Industry,” Drake sounds hungry as he takes shots at Kanye and closes in on the disloyalty in his circle. On CLB, Drake reminds people that he isn’t just a factory for radio hits and that he does, in fact, still know how to rap very well.