TMZ has learned that Dr. Dre is asking the judge to grant him with “single status” in his latest effort to reach some sort of resolution in what looks to be a long, messy divorce with estranged wife Nicole Young.

Dre’s attorney Laura Wasser filed a motion for bifurcation, arguing that his ex-wife’s “false allegations of domestic violence” demonstrate that their union is beyond repair. She alleges Dre held a gun to her head on two separate occasions in 2000 and 2001, punched her face twice, and kicked down the door of a room she had been “hiding from his rage in 2016.” Young claims she suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of the media mogul’s alleged verbal and emotional abuse.  

Last week, Young’s request for an emergency restraining order was denied after the judge ruled that additional evidence was needed to grant her order. She wanted to ensure that Dre had no way of contacting with her, which included phone, text, and email.  

A bifurcation of divorce means that a judge can terminate a marriage and shelve other issues for a later date. In this case, both sides are at odds over the validity of their prenuptial agreement. Young alleges she signed a prenup, but Dre later tore it up. Dre countered by filing the document and presenting a clause which states that any alterations to the agreement can only be made in writing. Wasser has asked for a trial centered around their contested prenup.

Young was also seeking temporary spousal support, which Dre agreed to after his hospital stay due to a brain aneurysm. Young will receive $2 million per month, and $5 million to cover her legal fees. Over the next few months, Dre will be paying for her living expenses in the Malibu home that the two once shared, as well as her mother’s Pacific Palisades residence.