A judge has denied Nicole Young’s request for an emergency restraining order against her estranged husband Dr. Dre. Young has been asked to present additional evidence that would convince the judge to grant her order. A hearing has been scheduled for three weeks where testimony will be heard from both parties. 

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Young was asking for the court to order Dr. Dre to stay 100 yards away from their Malibu home where she’s currently staying. She also wanted Dre to be required to avoid any form of contact with her, which included email, texts, and in-person visits. Dre claims he has had no contact with her, aside from one time in January when she visited him in the hospital after he suffered a brain aneurysm. 

Young claims she has received death threats from his fans, which TMZ suspects may have been escalated by an unreleased song that surfaced last month. On the KXNG CROOKED-assisted track, Dre offers a glimpse at his mindset in the midst of their messy divorce, seemingly accusing her of “lies and that perjury,” while also directed more pointed declaration at her, such as calling her a “greedy bitch” and a “bitch and a perjurer.” 

Late last month, Dre’s attorney Laura Wasser filed a request for a five-day trial that would look into the validity of the much-debated prenuptial agreement. While Young acknowledges that she did sign the prenup prior to them tying the knot, she alleges Dre tore it up in front of her, and expressed regret for pressuring her into signing the document. 

Young is seeking $2 million per month in temporary spousal support.