Following his hospitalization for a brain aneurysm, Dr. Dre has reportedly agreed to pay $2 million in temporary spousal support to his estranged wife Nicole Young.

TMZ writes that Dre and Young came to an agreement that will see him write a check for $2 million, which is a fraction of what she was seeking. As previously revealed, Young was asking for $2 million per month in spousal support and an additional $5 million in fees for her team of lawyers amid the very public divorce. Dre has agreed to cover her living expenses for her Malibu home, and her mother's home in the Pacific Palisades for the next few months, but he won't pay for her security.

The deal was agreed upon in court, but Dre could only sign the agreement while he was still in the hospital for his aneurysm. Last year Dre indicated he was already covering her expenses, as his business manager pays her credit card with bills ranging from $150,000 to $350,000 a month. As recently as this week, Nicole Young's accountant claimed Dre has $262 million in cash and Apple stocks, with reported monthly living expenses totalling $2.3 million, $300,000 more than what Young has been asking for.

The latest news regarding the couple's divorce comes after a particularly rough week for Dre, who has been recovering since his visit to the hospital. He recently told fans he is out of ICU and will be "back home soon," thanking the medical professionals at the hospital for helping him pull through. Meanwhile, his home was reportedly the target of burglars during his hospital stint.