DMX makes his return to Drink Champs where he revealed that his new album is full of guest appearances. 

During a preview of his upcoming appearance on the podcast, Dark Man X let it be known that he’s bridging the gap by collaborating with some of the younger acts.

“I got Griselda boys. Pop Smoke,” DMX said. “That’s what type of new I’m doing.”

Before his untimely death, Pop Smoke was carrying the torch for New York. He was able to do this by combining the new drill wave with elements from some of New York’s iconic acts. Although people would liken his presence and persona to 50 Cent, his voice and gravely growl was picked from the tree of DMX. This led host N.O.R.E. to note their similarities. 

“Pop Smoke is you and 50 Cent’s baby,” he joked. “If you and 50 Cent had a baby that would be Pop Smoke.” Never one to miss a punchline, DMX made it clear that he wouldn’t be the one who carried Pop Smoke for nine months in N.O.R.E.’s warped metaphor.

“That would be awkward,” X said. “But he would have the baby! … It would be ours, but he would have it! I get it.”

Elsewhere in the episode, he also touched upon what is likely a more surprising guest feature on his next album. As Uproxx pointed out, DMX said he has a collaboration with Bono of U2 on the record, and it all came together thanks to “magician” Swizz Beatz. “Shit’s crazy,” X said. “It got a Miami feel to it. I feel like I want to shoot the video here.” (Bono is no stranger to the world of hip-hop, most recently contributing vocals to Kendrick Lamar’s Damn track “XXX.”)

This isn’t DMX’s first talk with Drink Champs. The Dog has been with Drink Champs since the beginning. During the first episode, Fat Joe told an entertaining story about DMX that was corroborated when X starred in the third episode.