DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills is opening up about his Bowling alley fight with DaBaby and his crew. 

Bills took to his Instagram Stories on Friday evening, alleging that “everything would’ve been different” had at least one person been there to assist him in the altercation. 

Brandon Bills' Instagram Stories
Image via Instagram

“If I had only 1 homie that night everything would’ve been different,” he wrote. “Not one person came to help me out.”

His comments come the day after a video of the fight first took off on social media, and as Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California reportedly banned DaBaby and his team from returning to the location following the Wednesday scuffle.

A worker at the bowling location told TMZ that DaBaby is the assailant and Bills is the victim, citing security footage, as Bills is allowed to bowl there. A probe into DaBaby, for assault with a deadly weapon, has since been launched by authorities. 

As for how the fight itself started, a witness told TMZ that Bills first tried to talk with DaBaby and “told him he didn’t appreciate how Baby had treated DaniLeigh in the past.” A mechanic ended up scrubbing the floor for hours and spending $250 in cleaning supplies to clean up a drink DaBaby reportedly threw, and the bowling lanes had to be re-oiled. 

Bills had in previous social media posts, said that he would fight DaBaby when he saw him. This came after DaBaby called the authorities on Bills’ sister DaniLeigh and had her removed from his residence last year.

“I spoke to you like a man, my n***a,” Bills previously said about the altercation. “I say, yo, come let’s talk one-on-one like some men. Me and you on the side on some real n***a shit.”