Not only is DaBaby being investigated for assault following his fight with DaniLeigh’s brother, but the rapper and his crew have been banned from the bowling alley where the brawl took place.

Though it was previously unknown at which bowling establishment the pair had their altercation in Los Angeles, TMZ now reports Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California has prohibited DaBaby from entering the premises. The North Carolina rapper showed up on Wednesday night, when he and his friends attacked Brandon Bills.

It’s also been unclear whether or not Bills said anything to DaBaby before the assault happened. A witness told TMZ that Bills first tried to talk to the Blame It on Baby artist and “told him he didn’t appreciate how Baby had treated DaniLeigh in the past,” the outlet writes.

Police have since launched a probe into DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon. A worker at Corbin Bowl told TMZ it’s apparent from security footage that DaBaby is the assailant and Bills the victim. The latter is still allowed to bowl at the alley.

The outlet also reports that the fight left a mess. The drink DaBaby supposedly threw at Bills was difficult to clean up, with a mechanic having to spend hours scrubbing the floor to the tune of $250 in cleaning supplies. They also had to re-oil the lanes where the brawl occurred.

Dani herself was arrested and charged for two counts of simple assault back in November, after DaBaby told police she assaulted him. The incident—where their child was also present—was partially recorded and posted online.