DaniLeigh's Brother Addresses Reactions to TikTok Video of Him Dancing With His Sister: 'No Weird Sh*t'

Brandon Bills addressed people who felt some type of way about a TikTok video of him and his sister DaniLeigh dancing to his song "BUM BUM."

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DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills took to his Stories Thursday to address people who thought he was looking at his sister inappropriately as she danced to his song “BUM BUM” on TikTok

“At the end of the day, my whole family dance like that,” he said as a mysterious hand continuously caressed his chin. “As you can see in the video, I wasn’t even looking at her, on some sexy shit…We wasn’t doing no weird shit.” 

Brandon also implied the negative responses to their TikTok video were meant to break the sibling bond between them, but he maintained that nobody can get in the way of what they share. He doubled down on the strength of their bond by posting a photo of them together on Instagram with the caption, “BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.” 

Back in May, Brandon addressed a TMZ report claiming he wasn’t cooperating with authorities in their investigation into the brawl involving himself and DaBaby, the father of DaniLeigh’s child, at the bowling alley Corbin Bowl in California. 

“I was never cooperating, I was never gonna cooperate. I was never gonna put nobody in jail. I’ve been to jail myself,” he said. “I’m not gonna put nobody in that situation. All y’all talking all that snitch shit… Ain’t nobody a snitch here. Never will be a snitch, never was a snitch. That shit went viral, the whole world saw it.” 

The slippery scuffle went viral after being shared on social media and resulted in DaBaby getting banned from Corbin Bowl, along with his crew. The rapper was under investigation for assault, but he claimed self-defense, even though the video appears to show him throwing the first punch. 

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