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After Fat Joe called DaBaby the 2Pac of 2021 in an interview with Rap City ‘21, DaBaby has finally gotten wind of the praise and issued a response on Instagram.

“Agreed,” DaBaby wrote on Instagram with a thumbtack emoji. “But they gone salt that down to Crack,” he wrote with a shhh, quiet emoji.

On the program, which aired prior to the 2021 BET Hip-Hop Awards, host Big Tigger began to play a word association game with Fat Joe, where he would list off a legendary MC, and Joe would have to give the rapper’s 2021 equivalent.

When 2Pac’s name inevitably came up, Joe paused for a moment before answering. “I should know the 2Pac one.” He continued, “I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby.” 

Joe’s answer had many take to social media to give their two cents, with many pushing back.