DaBaby will not face charges for allegedly punching a taxi driver last year in Las Vegas.

TMZ reports the Clark County District Attorney’s Office has dismissed the misdemeanor battery charge against the North Carolina rapper. DaBaby was accused of allegedly punching the driver of his Sprinter van in Las Vegas last November after being told he could not smoke in the vehicle.

According to TMZ, the charges were dismissed because “DaBaby satisfied everything prosecutors asked him to do in order to resolve the case, including paying the alleged victim $7,500 and staying out of trouble.”

During an appearance last month on Million Dollaz Worth of Game with Gillie da King and Wallo, DaBaby said he doesn’t pay much mind to controversies surrounding him. 

“What it is in real life, it’s completely different than what it is on the internet,” he said. “It’s so much about me the world don’t even know. … It don’t get dealt with publicly. … If you gon’ be an artist, right, you gotta give motherfuckers access to your life. A lot of yourself you gotta give up, it just naturally happens that way.”

Asked how it makes him feel to see how media covers him, he continued, “That shit weird to me. I mean, I’m used to motherfuckers pushing false narratives, right?” Regardless, he said social media offers people two options amid a controversy: either attempt to “clear shit up” or “let that shit do what it do, keep working, whatever.” He added that “believe whoever lie the loudest.”