DaBaby—who earlier this year made inaccurate, harmful, and homophobic comments at Rolling Loud Miami—is now facing criticism for electing to promote his upcoming show dates in a statement about DaniLeigh, with whom he shares an infant daughter.

The statement follows an Instagram Live during which DaBaby filmed DaniLeigh while she was feeding their child. At one point in the footage, DaniLeigh seemingly holds up a pillow to prevent DaBaby from continuing to record the footage and also questions why he is filming at all. The Back On My Baby Jesus Shit Again artist, meanwhile, is heard alleging that it’s for his “safety.”

From there, a number of statements from both parties were made public, including one in which DaBaby alleged to have been “beat on and yelled at and chased around.” DaniLeigh, meanwhile, said in her own statements and video responses that she and DaBaby had been living together for the past three months and—on the evening in question—he allegedly came into the room where she was feeding their child and suddenly told her to leave.

“This all goes to say that this man is a fucking coward,” she said in one post. In a video update, DaniLeigh said DaBaby “ain’t even been here this whole time that I’ve had this child.” She also pushed back against what she explained as an inaccurate image of her that’s been painted by DaBaby and others online.