DaBaby stopped by Complex for an interview with Complex News’ Speedy Morman, and during the 30-minute conversation on the latest 360 With Speedy Morman, the rapper discussed his two years at college, that viral clip of him turning down candy from teens asking for $200, and more.

At the 21:30 point of the interview, DaBaby addressed the recent viral video of him turning down candy from two teens. “I see ’em come up the street, and I actually want me some candy at the time,” he said. “I tell my assistant, grab my money out the bag real quick.” 

Initially, his assistant passed him around $60, but he asked for a larger sum because he wanted to try and gift the teens some cash. “I planned on overpaying them, I wanted them to walk off with nothing but money,” DaBaby said. “Any time I buy something from somebody hustling like that, I try to buy the whole thing. Especially when it’s kids, because I sold candy as a kid.” 

He added, “I saw myself in them.”

When he asked them how much they wanted for the entire box, they replied $200. He quickly added up the cost in his head, then offered them a chance to justify the price point. Jumping back to his own history of selling candy, he said he even started doling out his product to other sellers because he had too much to sell himself. “I just know it’s important to let them know, doing right by people is important, too,” he said. “Don’t look at a blessing and treat it as an opportunity.” 

DaBaby also spoke about his years in college at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, which he noted not many people seem to know about. As with many Americans entering higher education, he was left with little money during his college years, leading him to drop out.

“That’s why I’m like, ‘This ain’t for me, man. I’m gone,’” he explained. “Like, I ain’t supposed to come up here and move backwards, I was doing better than this in high school.”

While DaBaby admitted college ultimately wasn’t for him, he makes sure to encourage those with the opportunity to check it out if they can. He added that he thinks he could finish his studies if he went back to college, but when asked if he ever would, he simply replied, “No…I would go for something else, like, for music production or something.” Asked if he had any advice, DaBaby said young people need to know what they want to do if they do go to college.

The hitmaker said he didn’t take his rap career seriously until he first heard his music on the radio. “When I made that first song, and I saw people gravitating towards it… That’s all I needed to see,” he recalled. “I’m like, ‘OK, yeah. I can do this better than the best people in the game doing it right now.’ And eventually, boom, now those people are my peers. Now I’m doing better than a lot of those people, majority of ’em. 95 percent of ‘em.”

From there, he spoke about the moments in his career that have made him realize how far he’s come. The real big one for him is when he first performed at the BET Awards, which he said he watched obsessively as a kid, but receiving love from Beyoncé and Diddy is up there for him, too. “I remember when Beyoncé walked up to me at Diddy crib and told me she was a fan of my music,” he noted. “Told me she loved what I’m doing. That was dope. I’m like, ‘OK, this Beyoncé, you get what I’m saying?’ Diddy too, that was dope too, he reached out to me… He hold me close to him when he reach out to me.”

Near the end of the interview, he also teased that new music is on the way.

“Another single before the album,” he said, before cutting himself off from revealing the title of the record. “Definitely a new album on the way!”

Watch the full interview with DaBaby above.