DaBaby Turns Down Teens Who Tried To Charge Him $200 for Candy

DaBaby shared video footage on his Instagram Story of himself trying to purchase candy from two teenagers who claimed they were trying to raise money.

DaBaby at BET

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

DaBaby at BET

A pair of teenagers tried to finesse DaBaby while selling some candy, but the North Carolina rapper wasn’t having it. 

DaBaby took to his Instagram Story on Sunday to share video footage of himself trying to purchase candy from two teens who claimed they were trying to raise money. In the clip, the North Carolina rapper jumps out of his sprinter van and surprises the two kids who were outside selling Gushers.

“What you want for the box?” asked DaBaby. “$200,” one of the kids answered.

When he asks the other kid how much for his entire box of Gushers fruit snacks, the second teen responds and tells Baby “$200” as well. He then clarifies, telling the 29-year-old rapper that he charges $2 for one pack of Gushers, which confuses DaBaby, who noticed that the packaging says there’s 34 packs of Gushers per box.

“What’s $34 multiplied by two, my boy?” DaBaby asked. “It ain’t $200! It’s not even $100. It’s $68.”

In the end, DaBaby gave each of the teens $2. He purchased two Gushers at $1 per candy from one teen and one pack of Skittles at $2 from the other.

“You gotta use your head, you tried to play me,” DaBaby tells the kids before getting back into his sprinter. “I was gonna bless you anyway. You would have gotten the $200 but now you got $2. Y’all be good.”

Baby captioned his IG Story: “Y’all little n****s blew it. Keep hustlin tho.”

Hopefully the next teenager will learn their lesson before they try to outhustle DaBaby.

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