Less than a year on from Wild West and Central Cee has already delivered its follow-up, 23.

Few artists sum up the TikTok age quite like Cench: his tracks always do massive numbers on the platform, thanks to clever (and occasionally controversial) use of samples, highly quotable lyrics, and jumpy instrumentals that lend themselves well to viral dances. 

The rapper’s sophomore mixtape has only been out a few days, but it’s already proving immensely popular. Pre-release single “Obsessed With You” sits on over 100m streams on Spotify, and others such as “Retail Therapy” and “Cold Shoulder” sit at just shy of 15m and 9m, respectively. However, he’s not without his critics and there’s a growing number who question his use of samples. 

Some of Complex UK’s music team—Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson, James Keith, and Aaron Bishop—sat down and dissected Central Cee’s latest project. Read on after the jump.