Cardi B is adding some criteria to the definition of “bad bitch.”

On Tuesday, Bardi took to Twitter to call out homophobic people, while explaining that being homophobic certainly does not result in being a “bad bitch.”

“Every bad bitch have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin,” she shared to her feed. “……If you homophobic you just ugly.”

It’s unclear what prompted the tweet, but Cardi had already been sharing some gems on Twitter this year just a few days in. On New Year’s Day, she encouraged her followers to “Take a risk this year,” later telling Dylan O’Brien—who responded with a gif of Will Smith nodding his head—that “either it’ll be worth it or it’ll send you to jail.”

Cardi has also shared a few thoughts on fake people, repeating outfits, and a pic of her and Offset.

Before we even hit 2022, though, Cardi was setting herself up for another successful trip around the sun. In late December, she dropped a NYC nightlife-inspired apparel and footwear collection as part of her partnership with Reebok. The new looks feature a metallic leather sneaker, fitted crops, tights, cargo pants, fleece robes, and more, as part of her ongoing “Let Me Be...In My World” collection. 

“Nighttime in my hometown of New York is such a beautiful, magical experience, and I’m happy to see this magic come to life with my latest Reebok collection,” Cardi said in a statement. “These pieces are easy to wear from the street to the club while still letting you feel comfortable, confident and unique. I promise you’ll be feeling like the best version of yourself when you have these pieces on!”