After calling out DaBaby for collaborating with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, rapper Calboy further dissed the Blame It on Baby artist in a new interview. 

Speaking with Vlad TV, Calboy questioned why DaBaby would work with YoungBoy, who has previously dissed the late King Von. “If y’all not picking sides why y’all drop on the same day as Von?” said Calboy, who is cousins with the Chicago rapper. “Then y’all publicly say, ‘Yeah we made that mixtape in a week,’ y’all rushed and hurried up and made a mixtape to drop on this man day.”

DaBaby had previously responded to Calboy in his Instagram comments section, challenging the rapper to “do sumn.”

Calboy brushed off DaBaby’s comments as “internet as hell,” and said that it’s “not me” to beef with people, but he understandably had an emotional response to the situation. “It is what it is, I feel some type of way about that,” he continued. “That’s what I feel. You gon’ jump on anything that’s popping. He really an industry prostitute. For real, like, think about it. The Megan Thee Stallion shit. [Tory Lanez] supposed to be shot her in the foot. You go do a song with that man, make her mad. Ain’t no morality in that.”

Last year, Megan and DaBaby exchanged words over Twitter after he collaborated with Tory Lanez, who allegedly shot Meg during a dispute in 2020. Megan and DaBaby previously worked together on multiple songs, most notably with her track “Cry Baby.”

“Shawty probably thought you was really her friend,” Calboy continued. “She thought you was really supporting her. You went to go do a song with 4nem. Not even saying that’s my business. But I see it. He a groupie.”

Circling back around to DaBaby and YoungBoy’s decision to drop their collab record the same day as a posthumous project from Von, Calboy said he doesn’t “respect” the rapper anymore. Asked if he responded to the “do something” comment, he simply said he laughed it off.

He later said he’s not sure if he “believes” that Tory Lanez did shoot Megan or not, but regardless, he viewed DaBaby’s decision to collab with the Toronto artist came across as a big “fuck you” to her.

Watch the interview above.