After nearly 20 years, Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey are ready to finish what they started. 

On Friday, Busta released the video for his latest single, “Where I Belong,” featuring Mariah Carey. The track is the follow up to their smash 2002 duet, “I Know What You Want,” and features a tweaked version of the original beat.

Like the song, the video also continues the story that was laid out almost two decades ago. In the “I Know What You Want” video, martial artist and actor Michael Jai White orders Busta to protect his wife, played by actress Tae Heckard. Unfortunately, a group of masked men was able to kidnap her.

The visual picks up where the video for Busta’s feature with Trippie Redd, “I Got You,”—which is also inspired by “I Know What You Want,”—left off. Redd informs him that he’s found the wife that was kidnapped 18 years ago, prompting Busta and Michael Jai White to rescue the woman. 

The song itself is a ballad that speaks to finding one’s lost love. It’s featured on the deluxe version of Busta Rhymes’ Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God which is available on streaming services. 

Watch the video for Busta Rhymes’s latest single “Where I Belong” featuring Mariah Carey above.