McDonald’s celebrity meals have been hits so far— from J Balvin to Travis Scott— but its latest installment might just be its biggest yet.

The fast-food chain announced Monday that it's teaming up with K-pop stars and world-renowned supergroup BTS for its next meal, which will be available on May 26 in the U.S., Canada, and Brazil, later to be available in 50 other countries.

The BTS Meal is also going to be available in BTS’ home turf of South Korea on May 27. 

The meal, like those before it, doesn’t sound too unique at first, but its special sauces may have you thinking differently. Containing the group’s “signature order,” the guys’ meal will include 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and a Coke, introducing two brand new sauces to the U.S. that were inspired by store locations in South Korea: Sweet chili and cajun.

Sure, its probably tough it is for seven pals to agree on what to eat as a group, but BTS is surprising fans with some new flavors for us here in the states. After the success of Trav’s meal, which caused ingredient shortages, and the overall fan excitement toward the announcement from McDonald’s, it appears the BTS Meal is destined to do numbers.