Dallas’ Bobby Sessions released his major label debut album, Manifest, on Friday. 

Bobby Sessions’ new 12-song album gives mainstream fans a taste of the universe Sessions has created. Manifest was teased by two songs “Cog in the Machine” and “Gold Rolex,” which featured Benny the Butcher and Freddie Gibbs

Sessions also paired the album’s release with the drop of “Penthouse Prayers” featuring Rick Ross. In the song’s video, Sessions and Rozay enjoy the spoils of their rap careers while the lyrics detail the paths they took to become successful artists.

“If I die, please don’t cry/Dry your face/Leave roses by my grave while you pop champagne,” Sessions raps on the song’s chorus. “Gold watch in the sky, celebrate my time/If I live to see another, swear to God I’m gon’ shine.”

“Put my pistol on my person then I lace my sneaks,” Ross adds. “I put all my vengeance in my verses for my enemies/Basement boys, penthouse prayers/Dead presidents will awake feds.”

Listen to Bobby Sessions’ new album, Manifest, below.