Blueface has claimed on social media that Chrisean Rock was taken into custody by law enforcement following an incident in Arizona.

As Blueface said in footage that remained on his Instagram profile at the time of this writing, Chrisean was taken in by police after she allegedly hit him.

“Free Rock … I done let her hit me in my shit,” Blueface said in one clip. “We don’t ever make the same mistakes twice. She hit me this time.”

In another clip, Blueface added, “I ain’t even do nothing” and reiterated his “Free Rock” message. He also added a slight bit of additional information to the allegations.

“Security took her, police took her. What can I do?” He said. “She hit me with a banger.”

At the time of this writing, the location of the alleged incident had not been confirmed. Footage shared earlier in the day, however, showed both Chrisean and Blueface at the Tru Ultra Lounge club in Phoenix. According to social media posts from the venue, Chrisean had been enlisted for a special event there this weekend.

Blueface eventually posted a video in which he explained his version of what happened leading up to the altercation.

Earlier this month, Blueface addressed viral footage of a separate physical altercation with Chrisean. Simultaneously, criticism rightfully continued regarding such incidents having become fodder for headlines, which is most assuredly something that shouldn’t happen. Just one month earlier, the focus had been on the two having reportedly parted ways.

In terms of recent music from the two, Blueface shared his “One Time” video in July, while Chrisean Rock rolled out her ‘Word to My Brother” video in June.