Billie Eilish briefly paused her show at Madison Square Garden in New York City over the weekend to give the crowd an opportunity to “take a breath” and urged them to give each other some space before moving onto the next song. TMZ obtained footage of the moment from a concertgoer. 

Her latest check-in on attendees comes after Kanye West threatened to pull out of Coachella over what he assumed to be a comment aimed at Travis Scott during a stop on the Happier Than Ever Tour earlier this month. Eilish was performing at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta when she noticed a fan who was struggling to breathe, and immediately halted everything to tend to her. 

The “NDA” singer offered to provide the fan with an inhaler, and asked those around her to give her some room. “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going,” she said, which compelled Kanye to come to Travis’ defense under the presumption that she was referencing the “Escape Plan” rapper and the Astroworld Festival tragedy, which left 10 dead and hundreds injured. 

West took to Instagram to demand that Billie apologize to Scott and the families of the victims before he performed at Coachella. The grandparents of nine-year-old victim Ezra Blount called Kanye’s public demand for an apology “idiotic” and “ridiculous.” Eilish responded to the since-deleted post, writing, “literally never said a thing about Travis. was just helping a fan.” 

Scott, along with Live Nation and other festival organizers, are facing a single consolidated lawsuit demanding billions in damages and consisting of close to 400 separate lawsuits from nearly 2,800 alleged victims from the Astroworld tragedy.