Year: 1999
Label: Columbia

It's worth noting that The Writing's on the Wall, the second album from Destiny's Child, has one of the more embarrassing intros of any '90s R&B album. If you've winced at Pain in da Ass's Tony Montana impersonation on Reasonable Doubt, it's likely that you bit through your bottom lip during knockoff Godfather monologue that opens The Writing's on the Wall, an album that otherwise contains some of the best late-'90s R&B ever recorded.

Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett rewrite Ray Liotta's "Fuck you, pay me" from Goodfellas as "Bills, Bills, Bills." The album is very focused on trifling men and the techno-capitalist means through which they either fail to meet the standards of Destiny's Child, or come off too strong. These sad excuses for men can't pay bills, but they can sure run up a phone bill harassing our heroines ("Bug A Boo"). These lames can't even run a clandestine affair. Speaking of "Say My Name," that was when we all knew, right? Beyoncé sings every verse. The writing was on the wall. —Ross Scarano