Earlier this year, Lucozade announced the launch of a new partnership with youth development platform Apprentice Nation, to support the organisation in their mission to give young people the skills and tools they need to get ahead in both their personal and professional lives.

Using a unique combination of entertainment and education—which they’ve dubbed “edutainment”—Apprentice Nation offer young people a wealth of resources and opportunities, from early-careers support and guided workshops to online content and live webinars.

Best known for their twice-yearly live concert, featuring some of the biggest names in UK music  Apprentice Nation put their edutainment approach into practice by also getting their headline talent to input into their wider content and workshops.

Their last event in October starred AJ Tracey, Mae Muller and Ivorian Doll, and now the trio are featuring in a series of online hangouts offering participants the opportunity to ask questions about their music, careers and any life lessons they might have to offer.

Apprentice Nation artist hangouts

The first hangout is with West London’s very own AJ Tracey, and is on December 2. A big believer in a strong work ethic, AJ told Apprentice Nation: “Having a good work ethic is the number one most important thing. It’s more important than being able to rap, more important than being able to produce, more important than being good-looking, stylish or any of this stuff. I’ve seen people who weren’t that great at rapping and they kept at it and kept trying and kept going to the studio. They picked up bigger skill sets and got better at rapping and just absorbed everything around them now they’re really good. For me that’s number one, that’s key.”

The second, with Mae Muller, takes place on December 3. Speaking with Apprentice Nation earlier this year, Mae spoke about discovering your sense of purpose. “Part of my purpose is to spread positivity,” she explained. “As a teenager growing up I felt a lot of guilt and pressure attached to a lot of things like sexuality and the pressure to look a certain way. I just wanna show people it’s ok to be liberated and that you’re not taking up too much space. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s ok to mess up—I want to hold that safe space for people.”

And finally, to round off this year’s programme, Ivorian Doll will be hosting a hangout on December 9. “My routine on a show day starts with positive music,” she told Apprentice Nation. “I play the songs I’m going to perform, so I’m in the zone. Then my gang comes for make-up and hair—so already I feel good! Then I try to eat healthy on the journey; fruits and stuff like that and I make sure I’m always drinking water. I’m always watching things that make me laugh on the way so I’m in a good mood.”

To sign up for a Hangout with AJ Tracey, Mae Muller or Ivorian Doll, or to find out more about Apprentice Nation, and their partnership with Lucozade, check the Apprentice Nation site

Apprentice Nation are also running prize draws for Apple devices and subscriptions including Ableton and Adobe Creative Cloud made possible by Lucozade. Sign up and take part before December 8.