Action Bronson's beloved food show Fuck, That’s Delicious is back for a fifth season, and the rapper-chef-host is taking the series independent.

After running for four seasons on Viceland, Season 5 of the cooking show is fully produced and funded by Bronson himself. “It’s a start of a new era of Fuck, That’s Delicious,” he said on Instagram. “I love and thank everyone for their support over the years. I promise more greatness.”

Diving straight in, the premiere of the new season is already available on YouTube, with Bronson cooking stuffed calamari outside a gym in Norwood, New Jersey.

In addition to featuring some mouth-watering food, the just-under-10-minute episode also gives a look at Bronson’s impressive workout regime. The rapper lost considerable weight last year, and in the ep he makes a childhood favorite meal for his trainer Dave Paladino. It’s unclear when fans can expect new episodes, but it’s good to know FTD is still alive after coming to an end on Viceland with Season 4 last year.

To coincide with the arrival of Season 5, Bronson has also announced his third book, Fuck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow. “This book has been in the works for two years, and I hated every minute of making it,” he said. “The reason I did the book in the first place was just so I could parlay another cookbook so I was gonna just mail this one in and get on with it. What I didn't realize was that this was the catalyst that made me look within myself and take some serious action to fix the years of damage self-inflicted. Had no good intentions while making this book but somehow became this beacon of hope—unintentional but meant to be."

Fuck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow is out April 20.