Like many of us, Action Bronson found himself with all the time in the world in 2020, but unlike many of us he used his time to get in better shape. Earlier this year, he said he was frequently heading to the gym and watching what he was eating, and he later revealed he had lost a total of 80 pounds. In a new profile in Men's Health, Bronson detailed how he was able bring his weight loss total for 2020 to an impressive 125 pounds.

"This journey started way long ago," explained the artist, who was "pushing 400 pounds" when he was at his heaviest. "I was born heavy. I was a heavy child. This transformation was long overdue." The rapper and TV host, who hasn't been shy about his love for food, said his lifestyle as a touring rapper and Fuck, That's Delicious host had caught up with him, and he had for a long time struggled with portion control.

"There was a lot of shit like prediabetes, eczema, asthma, all kinds of fucking dumb stuff that I had given myself," he added, explaining that the birth of his son in 2019 inspired him to make sure he'd improve his health. It started with changing his routine, waking up at 4 a.m. every day with a protein shake and a steady breakfast. After that he would go to Impact Zone Fitness in New Jersey, box for 45 minutes, and work with trainer Dave Paladino.

Action's preferred method of working out is high-intensity interval training. He decided to change his relationship with food when, as detailed in the video portion of the profile, he saw he weighed 375 pounds. He also showcased what his routine consists of, with multiple circuits featuring exercises as simple as weight lifting to a quick routine with medicine balls.

"I'm kinda like a boring eater at this point," he said, although he admitted that he's also "more interested in food now than ever." Perhaps the most impressive part about his weight loss, however, is that he's managed to do all this in only six months. "I'm known to fall off the wagon," he joked, but he's committed to maintaining his health more than ever now.

"If you’re blessed with abs and 5 percent body fat, you’re gonna be grinding to make that happen your whole life," he concluded. "You just have to realize that that’s what it is. You keep your eye on the prize and don’t let yourself fall down."