You Can Now Stream Kanye West's "Famous" On Spotify and Apple Music (UPDATE)

The full album is still exclusive to Tidal.


UPDATE 3/30/16: Kanye's "I Love Kanye" is now also on Apple Music and listed as a single. You can check it out here

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Despite the fact that Kanye West said The Life of Pablo would always be exclusive to Tidal, his new single from the project, "Famous," is now streaming on both Apple Music and Spotify. This doesn't really mean that Kanye was wrong in that original statement, and it also makes sense that Def Jam would make the first official single from the album available for everyone to stream going forward. Even though fans can now stream the single on all platforms, it is still not available to purchase on iTunes or anywhere else.

While it's unclear if this means that Kanye will eventually move over more songs from the album going forward, it seems quite possible that he's finally done making tweaks to the project as he looks towards his next album, which he said was coming this summer. So as of now, you can still listen to Kanye's The Life of Pablo on Tidal, and then "Famous" on Apple Music and Spotify in the tweet below. We've reached out to Apple Music for a comment on this, and we'll continue to update as more details come in. 

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