Makonnen on Drake and OVO: "They Put Out My Music and Stuff and We Just Keep It Moving"

He also mentions how much (or little) he still talks to Drake.

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Though Makonnen​ is still signed to OVO, it often seems like he's distanced from the rest of the crew. Still, his music is distributed and promoted by the label on a regular basis. In a new interview with Fader, Makonnen opened up for the first time about his current relationship with the label and how much he interacts with Drake.

"I'm just an artist, being an artist, and there's only so much that I can do," he said. While Makonnen revealed that he normally just keeps things moving, he doesn't think that the label puts out his music fast enough. "I’ve had 'Second Chance' finished since January. That was supposed to be that summer banger this summer. That was supposed to be out, touching people and hitting them this summer."

Makonnen also said he thinks his music is ready for radio, but he believes industry politics are holding everything back. Drake, who originally signed Makonnen to OVO after he jumped on the "Tuesday" remix, has yet to put out another song with Makonnen since then, but Makonnen did recently appear as a guest on OVO Sound Radio. Makonnen said that while he doesn't see Drake often, he always wishes well for people. 

With the topic of police brutality and violence always relevant in America, Makonnen shared some views that are different from most. "All lives matter and that's how I've always been," Makonnen said. "Just to be like, 'Oh I'm pro black and for black lives.' Fuck that because when my friends were dying in Atlanta and there were black lives and white lives taking black lives and all that bullshit."

You can read the full interview here

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