Future Speaks Out on Sharing Custody of Baby Future With Ciara

Future claims Ciara has "control problems."

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It appears as though Future is currently airing out Ciara on Twitter regarding his access to their son, Baby Future, and it's not pretty. The series of tweets begin with Future saying, "This bitch got control problems," which seems like just a subtweet, until he follows it up with a tweet about how he has to go through lawyers just to see his son. "The fuckery for 15k a month," he adds. It's unclear what exactly sent Future over the edge but he did say that he's been silent for a year and a half and that he's run out of patience.

If you remember, Future and Ciara broke up after Baby Future was born and things have been tense ever since. Future has openly talked about how he doesn't like Ciara's new boyfriend, Russell Wilson, having contact with Baby Future. The terms of Ciara and Future's custody deal over the child are unknown. We'll update as this story develops. 

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