Watch Two News Anchors Expertly Weave Rakim’s Lyrics into Their Program for His Birthday

Two reporters prove their knowledge of Rakim's discography.

WBS-TV's Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship are back at it again with clever homages to the best in the hip-hop game. The traffic reporter and newscaster, respectively, are known for slipping hip-hop references into their daily news report. Last year, they paid tribute to Tupac and then came back again to honor the late Prodigy, who died last year. Most recently, they decided to give Rakim his flowers while he's alive by mixing in references to Ra's classic songs into their program in honor of the GOAT's 50th birthday (Jan 28).

The two cleverly spin Ra's lyrics from his greatest hits like "Paid in Full," "Follow The Leader," "Move The Crowd," "Microphone Fiend," and "Don't Sweat the Technique." They also prove their prowess in his discography by including less popular tracks like "Mahogany" and "What's Going On?"

"Thinking of a master plan, nothing but traffic inside his hand," says Blankenship as he introduces his partner-in-rhyme-references. At one point they also make a surprisingly accurate statement from "Follow The Leader" by citing "in this journey, you're the journal, I'm a journalist." Blankenship even hilariously weaves in the "fish, which is my favorite dish" line from "Paid in Full" into a segment. Towards the middle of the video, Blankenship also refers to Arum as the "Eric B. and Rakim of the morning commute."

Check out the Atlanta news team's tribute to Rakim above.

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