Lil Uzi Vert and Megan Thee Stallion Join Yo Gotti in "Pose" Video

Gotti, Megan, and Uzi link up for the 2019 hit's official video.

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The Megan Thee Stallion-featuring remix of Yo Gotti and Lil Uzi Vert's "Pose," originally released last year, received an added boost on Friday in the form of an official video.

The video arrives the same day as Gotti's Untrapped, his first studio album since 2017's Still Am. The 15-track album also includes the Estelle-featuring title track, "Dopechella" with Rick Ross, "Battle" with Blac Youngsta, and more.

Gotti, who's also been in the news as of late due to his and Team Roc's efforts toward taking on the Mississippi Department of Corrections over troubling prison conditions, spoke with Business Insiderearlier this month about how the process of putting out a new body of work has changed since he first started dropping albums.

"Like I said, 'I'm going to drop an album this month,' right?" Gotti said, pointing to the shorter window between announcement and release that many artists now employ. "And I can not know the date today, and it could literally come out this month, and it's going to come out this month. That's how the game changed. Years ago, you couldn't do that."

The benefits of this shift in the industry, Gotti added, is that it helps fuel an artist's creativity right up until the last possible second.

Gotti also recently stopped by Complex for a chat with Complex News' Speedy Morman, which you can watch below.


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