Watch YG Join Historic Protest in New "F*ck the Police" Video

YG's latest protest anthem now has a fitting video in which the massive protests inspired by the police murder of George Floyd are documented.

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YG has released the official video for his protest anthem "Fuck the Police," produced by DJ Swish and Larry Jayy.

The black-and-white "FTP" video is directed by Denied Approval and includes footage taken from a demonstration of Black Lives Matter activists and supporters YG helped organize in Hollywood earlier this month following the murder of George Floyd. The protest, as stated in a special message at the end of the new "Fuck the Police" video, saw the attendance of as many as 100,000 people.

"The footage contained in this video captures a portion of a historical day to demand an end to police brutality," the message says. "Join the movement to #DefundThePolice."

Earlier this week, YG responded to critics in an extended Instagram caption, noting that he doesn't question their advocacy so they should extend him the same respect.

"All of us protesting are on the same side here," he said. "Instead of questioning each other's activism, we should be directing that energy at the cops and the government and helping to create the change we want to see."

Following the release of the video, a source told Complex that when YG's team attempted to run ads on Twitter for the new music video, Twitter manually blocked it. According to the source, Twitter's response on why it was blocked was because it was due to "political" content. Complex has reached out to a rep for Twitter for comment.

For more info on BLD PWR and Black Lives Matter, including how to get (and stay) involved, click the links.

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