A$AP Rocky Says He Doesn't Need a Grammy Because He Already Downloaded One on BitTorrent

A$AP Rocky reveals the best way to win a Grammy: BitTorrent.

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Perhaps nothing has been more debated in music than the value of a Grammy, the industry's most entertaining source of contention. What does a Grammy even mean? Is deeming someone or something the "best of the year" a critically hollow impossibility? Does anyone actually care?

A$AP Rocky most certainly cares, though not in the way many might assume. After suddenly receiving a text during his interview with esteemed TV journalist Scott Aukerman regarding the fact that his new album had just "sold over half a million copies," A$AP launches into a brief but revelatory breakdown on the current status of bizarre relics such as gold records and those pesky Grammys. "They don't give out gold records no more nowadays," A$AP tells Aukerman. "Nowadays, you get this: a gold mp3. Instead of hanging it ony my wall, I just plug into my computer and drag it right onto my hard drive."

As for those Grammys, A$AP says he's not bothered by the fact that he hasn't won any because he gets plenty of Grammys via BitTorrent


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