Soulja Boy on Travis Scott: 'He Took Tyga's B*tch. I Love That N***a'

The Soulja Boy promo blitz continues.

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For the first of surely multiple Soulja Boy stories today, we have new Tyga-related comments spurred by a TMZ bothering. This time, Soulja is mocking Tyga in connection with his previous relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Soulja was out and about in New York Thursday, at which point this botherer approached him about all things Soulja in 2019. Toward the end of their discussion, which saw Soulja reiterate a few points (i.e. "I'm the reason why music is digital right now!") from his Breakfast Club interview, Soulja was asked about Travis Scott.

"I love Travis Scott," he said while walking away. "He took Tyga's bitch. I love that n***a." See for yourself up top.

The latest Tyga assessment from Soulja arrives following his repeated argument that he had the biggest comeback of 2018, not the former Decaydance signee.

Who had the biggest comeback?! 😭😭😭

— T-Raww (@Tyga) January 17, 2019

However, Soulja and Tyga's comeback debate doesn't appear to be all that serious. During his Breakfast Club interview, Soulja even suggested the two work together in the future. "I love Tyga," he said. "I can't wait to do a record with him but, at the same time, you ain't have no biggest comeback, bruh."

Drake has also been among those mentioned in Soulja's recent comments. During an immediately memed moment from that same interview, he pointed to Drake's "Miss Me" as proof of his influence on the OVO co-founder. "Stop playing me like I ain't teach Drake everything he knows," Soulja told Charlamagne and company Wednesday. "He copied my whole fucking flow! Word for word, bar for bar." The flow homage in question has always been traced back a bit further by listeners.

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