Soulja Boy Responds to Tyga With His Own Take on Blueface's "Thotiana"

All music will be "Thotiana" by the end of the week.

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"Thotiana," the sonic gift that keeps on giving, now has a Soulja Boy edition.

For his take on the gargantuan Blueface hit, Soulja spends a good chunk of time responding to Tyga's recently released "Thotiana" freestyle in which he continued exploring the greatest comeback debate. "First thought, who's Tyga?" Soulja asks at the top of the track, later calling Tyga a "liar" for claiming the title of biggest comeback of 2018.

Elsewhere, Soulja says he's taken over "the whole rap game" and even sneaks in a "Through the Wire" reference and a "Draaaaake?!?!" recall. Stream Soulja's "Thotiana" below via SoundCloud and check out the video up top.

Monday, the same day Tyga's "Thotiana" was reaching peak share hours, Soulja tweeted and deleted some hyper-specific disses. "I fucked yo baby mama and played Fortnite with yo son," Soulja said. "Me and Blac Chyna could neva work she like n***az like Tyga."

At the time of this writing, the bulk of the tweets in question had been deleted, save for one referencing Tyga's recent removal from a club in Hollywood:

Tyga!? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

— Soulja Boy (Draco) (@souljaboy) February 25, 2019

Despite their many public differences, Soulja hasn't ruled out the possibility of eventually setting aside the well-crafted bullshit in the name of a new collab. Just last month, he openly entertained the idea. "I love Tyga," he said during his now-regarded-as-canon Breakfast Club interview. "I can't wait to do a record with him but, at the same time, you ain't have no biggest comeback, bruh."

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