Rick Ross Addresses Tyga's Money Dispute With Birdman: 'I Can't Respect That'

Ross shares his thoughts on Tyga's claims that Birdman and Cash Money owe him millions.

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The Breakfast Club welcomed Rick Ross to the studio last week for a discussion ahead of the release of Maybach Music Group signee Meek Mill's new album. In addition to the Meek talk, Ross teased his new VH1 series Signed and shared his thoughts on Tyga's claims against Birdman.

When Charlamagne asked Ross (at around the 15:16 mark in the video above) how he might handle a hypothetical situation in which he owed an artist money, Ross said he'd simply pay up if he had the money to do so. To drive home the point, Ross made a Game of Thrones reference. The conversation then turned to Tyga, who claims Birdman owes him millions from the Cash Money days.

"When I hear that, man . . . Birdman lucky he ain't have to go through that with Renzel," Ross said. "It would have been a little different. I can't respect that . . . That ain't right." Ross added that he's in this for the music, and that should always remain the most important thing. "I love music that much," he said. "I want to make some incredible music, of course I want to profit on it, but I wanna make some incredible music. That's first and foremost."

Elsewhere in the interview, Ross discusses the aftermath of his Rather You Than Me single "Idols Become Rivals," which directly addresses many of the claims against Birdman. Catch the full interview, which also includes some Wingstop insight and an exchange about the importance of supporting younger artists, up top.

TMZclaimed Sunday that "sources connected to" Birdman said that Tyga owed the label another album when he parted ways, adding that Cash Money felt his record sales were "sluggish" and that shedding him from the roster was no issue.

Regardless, Tyga doesn't seem too concerned. His latest project, Bitch I'm the Shit 2, dropped Friday.

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