Ray J's Beanie Perplexes the Planet

In one of the greatest cinematic follies in recorded human history, Ray J's beanie has been observed seemingly exhibiting the ability to move on its own. Either that or someone is really, really, really bad at editing and continuity.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, one of VH1's crowning achievements, has resulted in a clip that's at once baffling, maddening, and (admittedly) hilarious as fuck.

In the clip, which is presently still enjoying its sudden viral status, Ray J is shown seemingly have a real conversation with Safaree Samuels. However, each time the camera cuts back to Ray J, the beanie atop his head is suddenly depicted in a dramatically different position.

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This appears to be the result of poor editing and/or a failure to even remotely care about continuity while shooting this particular scene. However, that hasn't stopped the fun. Below, you can peruse some tweets about Ray J's traveling beanie that you totally couldn't find anywhere else, except maybe on Twitter.

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