Fans Are Hyped Over This Quavo, Donald Glover, and Lil Yachty Studio Meet and We Don't Blame Them

New national anthem coming.

Perhaps just to fuck with us, Quavo shared silent footage Tuesday night of a studio hang with Donald Glover and Lil Yachty. As the video is completely audio-free, it's hard to tell what, exactly, is going on here other than some presumably Beatles-esque music being blasted from the studio monitors.

The VHS filter gives the video a date of Oct. 8, which places it roughly a week before Quavo announced that the first single from Migos' Culture II would be arriving soon.

Bout to Drop The Single Off
C U L T U R E 2 soon....

— QuavoYRN (@QuavoStuntin) October 15, 2017

Ever the mast of hype, Quavo dared fans over the weekend to guess who executive produced the new album. Judging by Quavo's apt usage of the 👀  emoji, many fans have guessed—hopefully accurately—that the mystery Culture II executive producer is none other than Kanye West.


West was indeed spotted with Migos at a studio in Los Angeles back in July. In footage captured by one of X17 Online's resident creeps, West was seen totally vibing out to something.


For additional hype, Quavo shared a similarly VHS-filtered silent clip (also dated Oct. 8) earlier this week showing Chance the Rapper in the mix:

Reports also popped up on Twitter this week claiming that Migos held a Culture II listening party in Atlanta. Glover was said to be in attendance, though these reports have not been confirmed.

Personally, I'm choosing to believe that Quavo's VHS 'grams are the result of an intense recording session ahead of the release of our new national anthem. We need one desperately.

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