Quavo wants to write a new national anthem for "all races."

As you may recall, my article earlier this month about a petition calling for Quavo to be featured on "The Star-Spangled Banner" was taken so seriously by Trump cult members with extremely limited reading comprehension that I received multiple suggestions to immediately kill myself. Tuesday, Quavo finally issued an extended response to the petition, meaning we get to talk even more about this exciting development.

Sadly, Quavo's latest comments were given to TMZ, so I'll have to mention TMZ at least twice in this article. That's just the sad, twisted world in which we live. "It's just a lot going on behind the national anthem," Quavo explained when asked how "serious" he was about his support of the petition. "I would love to do it, but I wanna do like a 2017 national anthem for both people, for all races, you know what I'm saying? And put it together."

Quavo initially expressed support of the petition earlier this month with a simple command of "let's roll."

The petition, started by Kentucky resident Sean Gray, simply called for a Quavo feature on the national anthem. Quavo's latest comments, however, suggest the Migos member is down to redo the whole damn thing. Quavo said Tuesday he'd want to give the nation "something that's representing now" if this all comes to pass. "I think if I get with some good musicians and just write something that's very strong and powerful, you know," he added.

Thankfully, I've already suggested a fine assortment of musicians to do exactly that.