Playboi Carti Reveals Asthma Diagnosis: 'Literally Scared to Fall Asleep on My Back'

Carti, who's currently on the road promoting his excellent 'Die Lit' album, revealed Monday that he has the "worst kind" of asthma. He also sent out some words of encouragement for his fans in the same struggle.

Playboi Carti, who's currently in the middle of taking Die Lit out on a North American trek, revealed Monday that he has the "worst case of asthma."

"Breathing is so difficult for meh @ da moment," Carti said in a tweet, adding that he was now afraid to sleep on his back. The asthma itself, he added, was news to him. Carti then shared some words of encouragement for any fans that also suffer from asthma, urging them to "stay strong."

The asthma revelation doesn't appear to have had any immediate impact on Carti's aforementioned tour, which is next set to hit Royal Oak Music Theater in Michigan Tuesday night. The tour, rightfully, has thus far resulted in nightly recreations of both the mosh-heavy "R.I.P." video and the Die Lit album cover.

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Nick Walker, the guy who gave the album cover its punk-leaning aesthetic, told Pigeons & Planes in May that Carti's songs reminded him of the against-the-grain vibes of old school punk bands. "I grew up listening to a lot of punk rock and going to a lot of punk rock shows, so I knew I could execute it in an authentic way," Walker said.

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