Offset Talks Cardi B, Relationship With Father, and More on 'Ellen'

The Migos member joins Ellen DeGeneres for some daytime talk show happenings.

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Offset joined Ellen DeGeneres for some daytime talk show chatting Friday.

During the resulting interview, the most recent Migos member to drop a solo project discussed his love for Cardi B, his relationship with his father, and more. He also presented the host with an extremely generous gift we won't spoil here in text form.

"I love my wife so it's serious, not a game to me," Offset said of his marriage to Cardi B, specifically addressing his public reconciliation efforts, which were criticized by some fans. "We have schedules and we have shows and I just felt like, if I gave a break between time, I can't give that break between time."

The public criticism, he added, did sting. Ultimately, however, Offset says he was just trying to show his vulnerability. "It's just me being vulnerable, I guess, and it kinda bit me with the response of the people," he said. "But that's why our men don't be trying to be vulnerable. Because when you do it, it's like, ah, there's something wrong with it either way."

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Speaking on fatherhood, a central theme to his Father of 4 album, Offset explained that he wanted other men to know that it's "cool to make mistakes" and urged estranged fathers to make attempts at establishing a relationship with their kids, no matter how long it's been. 

"I have a father that I don't know of," Offset said. "He still runs away from it. I don't get it. I've invited him on interviews and all types of TV just to get in contact and he's still dodging."

Offset also discussed his 2018 car accident, DeGeneres being "the plug" to buying a new Bentley truck with red interior, and revealed he's recently been slowing down his cash-on-hand habit by keeping the usual haul at around $100,000.

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