Don't expect Offset to pack it up and move the family to Los Angeles anytime soon.

In an hour-long interview with The Breakfast Club crew Wednesday morning, Offset spoke at length about his family life and his decision alongside Cardi B to be very selective about how they handle daughter Kulture's interactions with the press.

"[My other kids] pressing me about seeing her and, you know, we gotta put her on private planes because, people, we just don't want all that," he said around four minutes into the interview. "I'm trying to keep my kids kids. That's why I’ll never move to LA. I don't want cameras all in they face."

Later, Offset said he and Cardi also don't plan on including Kulture in very many public social media posts in the near future. "People got so much to say, this and that to say, and this is our daughter," he said. "You gotta protect that and check the temperature and see what's going on first. We still will probably not be just posting her all the time because you gotta keep some things private, man. Already, she can't go to places people know. It's just scary too, at the same time, because people be trippin' out here."

Elsewhere during his extensive Breakfast Club chat, Offset discussed investing in property and buying a house with Cardi, citing DJ Envy as an inspiration. He also spoke on fearing he had lost Cardi B for good, 21 Savage, the Father of 4 cover shoot with his kids, and more. See the full interview up top.

Also on Wednesday, Hot 97 dropped their own talk with the third and final Migos member to drop a solo album. Most notably, around 34 minutes in, Offset makes an impassioned case for the inarguability of the Migos legacy while breaking down the common fallibility among some older listeners' assessment of their lyrical content.

"If you an older artist, you should be thanking us, kissing our feet," Offset said. "Not just the Migos. I'm not even gon' do that. Just how we turned the culture of music." Offset added that he and his peers respect the hard work of previous generations, though ultimately "your style is just different."

In both interviews, Offset also addressed his back-and-forth with Chris Brown regarding jokes about 21 Savage's ICE arrest. "I shouldn't have even did that," he said.

For the third Offset interview of the day, we head to Billboard, who managed to get some candid reflections from him on his public Cardi apology methods. "I'd jump out the window trying to get her back, with a parachute on my back," he said. "You gotta fight for what you believe in and what you love. It ain't no joke and it ain’t social media fun. You might have looked at me as being selfish on-stage, but I'm just trying to get what’s mine. I'm ready to look stupid, I'm ready to take this shot in the back."