North West Raps About Trappings of Fame on New Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign Track

This is the second song from Ye and Ty's 'Vultures' project to feature 10-year-old North, who previously joined them at their Miami event.

Video via YZY

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Video via YZY

As fans largely expected and emotionally prepared for, unless they’re especially dedicated to self-inflicted anguish, midnight came and went without the streaming rollout of the artist formerly known as Kanye West’s Ty Dolla Sign collab project Vultures.

Overnight, Ye and Ty held another livestreamed listening event, swapping out Miami for Las Vegas. Joining them for much of the livestream was Ye’s oldest daughter with Kim Kardashian, North West. Earlier this week, North received high marks from Ye fans for her appearance on a possible Vultures track teased during a prior listening event in Miami. In that track, she introduced herself as “Miss Westie.”

At the latest Vultures event, that song was played again, this time with the addition of a new intro in which Ye's heard saying, “Northie, come out and play!” But fans also got a preview of another apparent Vultures cut featuring vocals from North, who this time joins Charlie Wilson on a track that opens with a sample of Sha’Carri Richardson.

Sha'Carri Richardson: "I'm ready, mentally, physically, and emotionally and I'm here to stay. I'm not back, I'm better."

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“I’m ready mentally, physically, and emotionally. And i'm here to stay,” Richardson says in the sampled clip, which is taken from an interview from earlier this year. “I’m not back. i'm better.”

As for the song itself, the version fans heard at the Vegas event is seemingly penned from alternating perspectives of someone observing and confirming a child's conversation with a higher power and that of the individual engaged in that conversation.

At one point, North, 10, raps about wanting to “get away from this fame.” Later, she tells the listener, as well as God, “I know you feel my pain.”

New song from Ye and North West

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Elsewhere on this incarnation of Vultures, Kid Cudi makes an appearance following his and Ye's quite public falling out. The project, the first full-length from the duo of Ye and Ty, was previously teased for a Friday (i.e. today) release. Additional recording for the project took place after the Vegas livestream.

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