Nicki Minaj Shuts Down Claims Stemming From IG Account Purporting to Be Ex-Assistant

Nicki fans will soon be celebrating the release of the recently teased "Freak Girl" single. But first, Nicki is shutting down rumors from a since-removed IG.

Nicki Minaj is pictured at the Met Gala

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Nicki Minaj is pictured at the Met Gala

Nicki Minaj has had it with “dumb” people who believe improbable claims they stumble upon on social media.

In a video shared to social media this week, Nicki spoke out about claims that recently made the rounds after being shared by an Instagram account purporting to be operated by a former assistant. The account carried the username @katemiller_7 and has since been removed, with an associated profile picture having since been revealed to have actually been a photo of a notable author and not this claimed “Kate Miller” individual.

In the IG clip seen below, Nicki is first seen mockingly addressing the claims—which included unfounded remarks about owed money, family, and more—before bursting into laughter.

“Y’all, every day I learn that y’all getting dumber and dumber,” Nicki said before stating she recently saw someone share “a whole spreadsheet” to Twitter detailing, in her words, “what we about to do to get rid of Nicki.”

While Nicki says she considered this to be a “sad” move, she felt compelled to speak out about the purported ex-assistant claims, which she noted included downright illogical details.

“I am mind-blown that people are this fucking dumb, that people are believing that I got somebody that worked for me and now they spilling tea. … It’s not even that, it’s that the tea sounds so fucking dumb,” she said. “And for a person to believe it, you would have to be dumb. It’s clearly a kid.”

From there, Nicki wondered aloud why such individuals “can’t get off of my sweet Trinidadian pussy” before advising them to “get a job” and focus on themselves. She also shouted out her fans for their support, as well as “the blogs” that didn’t run with these claims.

See more from Nicki, who also mentioned her upcoming “Freaky Girl” single, below.

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While the new track is set for an Aug. 12 premiere, Nicki will first give fans a new episode of Queen Radio on Aug. 11. Hear a recently shared preview of the song below.

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