Migos and Mustard Play Dodgeball With Paint in "Pure Water" Video

Colin Tilley directed the new video for "Pure Water," a downright hydrating new track from Migos and Mustard.

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Water of the greatest level of purity is on the menu with the already-a-hit Migos and DJ Mustard collab.

Up top, catch the new Colin Tilley-directed video for "Pure Water." DJ Mustard, notably, is billed on the track as simply "Mustard." When crafting the track, Mustard—who's currently readying a new solo project—aimed solely for the joys of the club environment.

"I didn't want nobody to be able to say it's not gonna work at radio," he said in a statement Thursday. "I wanted to go straight to the club first."

The full-length project is said to be in the finishing touches phase, with Mustard also looking ahead to an expansion of his 10 Summers team. The goal right now, he explained Thursday, is to change as many lives as possible by signing new artists. "I want everybody around me to be successful," Mustard said.

Last October, Mustard stepped up with some of his historically great production work for the Mariah Carey single "With You." The track featured a nice callback to her 1997 single "Breakdown," with Carey singing "Ever since that Bone Thugs song, you ain't gotta break down."

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Migos, meanwhile, just finished up their Green Day-esque three album marathon release schedule with Offset's excellent Father of 4. Presumably, we can expect the Atlanta trio's third Culture entry later this year. Though Quavo previously told reporters that fans could expect the album in early 2019, he later clarified to Complex that "whoever I told that to" should be informed that he "was capping."

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