Lord Jamar Calls Eminem a 'F*ckin' Filthy Piece of Trailer Park Sh*t' in Response to Latest Diss

Jamar also joked that another new Em song, "Stepdad," is actually about him too.

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Eminem may have shared wishes of peaceful rest for "victims" of his surprise-released new album Music to Be Murdered Byearlier this week, but that's presumably of little interest for Lord Jamar.

Jamar, of course, is addressed by Em on the fourth verse of the track "I Will." Speaking to DJ Vlad in a new interview out this week, Jamar mocked another Murdered track—"Stepdad"—by joking that it was actually the one written with him in mind. From there, he reiterated his previous comments about Em's fanbase and responded to the "I Will" lines about cleaning metaphorical sinks.

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"I know what this bitchass said . . . I'm still unscathed," he said. "Guess what? Motherfuckers still ain't listening to that in the hood. Nobody came to me in the hood and was like 'Yo, I just heard this Eminem song where he went at you' . . . My point is proven! Nobody listens to your fuckin' shit. So I'm chillin' right now. You could talk about me a million times."

Jamar then continued, joking that he has now set up residence inside Em's head.

"I live rent-free inside Eminem's fucking brain," he said. "I got squatter's rights in that bitch, okay? And might I say, it's fuckin' filthy in there." Addressing the sinks lyric, Jamar used the opportunity to flip the line's meaning to mock Em.

"Yeah, you know what? We clean our fuckin' houses, you fuckin' filthy piece of trailer park shit," he said. "We clean our fuckin' houses. Cleanliness is next to godliness." Previously, Jamar took a slightly softer approach in an interview with the Flip Da Script team, though that discussion (published earlier this week) notably included zero mention of Em's new album.

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