Listen to a Remix of Baby E's "Finessin'" f/ Niykee Heaton

Niykee Heaton begins her eight-date Bedroom Tour in Houston, Texas in November.

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Baby E's confirmed in-the-process-of-blowing-up track "Finessin'" has finally received the Niykee Heaton treatment. Hot on the heels of a remix from Kevin Gates and Lil Bibby, Niykee's take on this potential smash provides the perfect territory for the Naturyl Born Killers mastermind to further explore her creative voice:

Niykee will soon be bringing her Bedroom Tour to eight cities across the United States, starting with Houston in November:

According to Niykee, four Bedroom Tour dates have already sold out, meaning time is very much of the essence:

can't believe 4 cities are already sold out.. #THEBEDROOMTOUR

— Niykee (@NiykeeHeaton) October 4, 2015

Of course, all of this is more than enough evidence to once again prove that Niykee Heaton will continue refusing to bow to industry pressure to abandon her convictions. As she expressed earlier this year when recounting the advice of Kanye West, retaining one's true identity is the most important thing:

Kanye came into my studio session and asked to hear my music, hear our story. He praised our brand and told us to not listen to what anyone was saying. He told us that he had been following our journey for months and was a fan himself. When we told him that my label wanted to censor me, and change me; he was appalled. He said, that people hate on me because not only am I talented, but I'm proud of my appearance as well. People want me to be one or the other. They want me to choose. But he told us to never choose. We are proof that you can be both. Never change. Keep doing what you're doing. Hearing someone we respect so much tell us that what we're doing is right, gave us the determination and strength to not give up. So we kept doing what we were doing. We didn’t change, or compromise. That is why this journey feels so long, because I will never again give my fans something that is not one hundred percent me.

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