On the opposite side of the spectrum from Lil Cray is singing white rapper Baby E. He's also a songwriter, one who's been ghostwriting for artists and working behind the scenes in the industry for several years. He recently signed to Young Money, at least according to this Instagram taken alongside Drake. His latest single, "Finessin," is far better than his earlier work, like this strange record where he was bicycling in a floppy silk shirt. His general hesher vibes suggest he should be selling dime bags of weed rather than "moving weight" as he raps in the song, so depending on your tolerance for drug dealer flights of fancy that might be a stumbling block for some.

The song's soft-focus melodicism might remind folks of Post Malone, the Caucasian warbler behind "White Iverson"—one of the biggest songs in Atlanta right now, the way Shazam tells it. But "Finessin" is a more traditionally well-written pop record, so good that the remix verses by Kevin Gates and Lil Bibby feel like a diminishment. Its chorus may remind some of Speaker Knockerz "Flexin and Finessin," a more original record. But really "Finessin" most owes a debt to Fergie's "Glamorous," so much so that one practically expects him to rap about eating drive thru Taco Bell, raw as hell.