Lil Wayne Revealed as Lenny Kravitz-Covering Robot on 'Masked Singer' Season Premiere

Somehow, the judges seemingly failed to recognize that Weezy was the robot.

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Despite those watching at home largely calling it right out of the gate, judges on Sunday's episode of The Masked Singer appeared genuinely beside themselves with shock upon learning that The Robot was none other than Lil Wayne.

"I did it for my kids," Wayne said in his first Masked Singer interview sans mask. "Unexpected joy." For his performance, Wayne—who was eliminated on the season premiere of the Nick Cannon-hosted singing competition series—chose Lenny Kravitz's 1993 single "Are You Gonna Go My Way" as his performance number.

"I always hear everybody that does the show always talk about being how it is being behind the mask and all that," Wayne said. "And how they feel by not being seen and having to go throughout a few days or whatever being, you know, all that stuff. I didn't get that feeling. Only thing I felt under the mask was, like, it was heavy. It was all good but I still didn't understand being behind the mask and feeling something different. I didn't get that feeling."

Wayne added that doing the show was "unlike any experience I've ever had musically," noting that he's "never done choreography" in his life.

Judges' incorrect guesses for The Robot's identity included Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville, with fans expressing abject befuddlement at the fact that the team failed to recognize Wayne's hugely distinctive voice:

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Anyway, all this is excellent promo for Wayne's new album Funeral, which is now available on all streaming services. The album's drop last week was accompanied by the release of the official video for the Travis Barker x Lil Wayne x Rick Ross collab "Gimme Brain."

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