Kanye West Still Wants to Be President in 2020

Kanye teased his inevitable presidency during his performance of "Only One."

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Having already secured the endorsement of internet philosopherJaden Smith and recently announced ScroogeIce Cube, Kanye West took the opportunity during his performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Friday to again tease his seemingly inevitable 2020 bid for president.


During a performance of his Paul McCartney collaboration "Only One," Kanye switched up the lyrics to include a brief but immediately applause-inducing reference to his previously revealed takeover of the White House in 2020. Aesthetically speaking, 2020 is a gloriously symmetrical set of numbers, a factor which definitely helps all those unofficial campaign t-shirts currently floating about the internet quite tempting indeed:

As for the forthcoming 2016 election, the wildly depressing human circus surrounding Donald Trump continues to test the patience of every thinking American, pushing many everyday citizens to the intellectual breaking point.

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